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weil technology is a weil engineering gmbh brand

and incorporates different enterprises, which are market and technology leaders in the field of sheet metal processing. Machines and systems for innovative forming, cutting and joining techniques have been designed and manufactured for the global market within the group since 1987.

Our focus is on flexible, rational and efficient production while making use of innovative roll-forming, stamping, laser welding and laser cutting technologies.

weil technology clients value the fact that our system concepts are efficient, reliable and consistently reproduce high quality parts:

Shape. Join. Look ahead.

Impressions from Euroblech 2018

Impressions from our Technology Days

Impressions from Euroblech 2016

30 years of weil engineering

“I was very lucky,” says a grateful Wolfgang Weil when asked about the early days of weil engineering. Working as the head of research and development in a Swiss company, he had the opportunity of getting to know laser technology, which was in its infancy 30 years ago ...


Informational Trade Fair Tour

Mr. Michael Kleiner, Head of the Baden Württemberg Department of Economics, Labour and Housing, paid the weil technology LASYS 2018 ...

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weil technology and novatec engineering agree on cooperation

weil technology has expanded its range of flexible, automated tube production machines up to comprehensive turnkey solutions for HVAC applications through the newly established cooperation with novatech engineering

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weil technology wins award at “Blechexpo 2017”

Specialist media “MM MaschinenMarkt” and “blechnet” award innovations at the trade fair for metalworking
The leading branch magazines “MM MaschinenMarkt” and “blechnet” presented six awards to different categories for the third time for outstanding innovations in the industry at the “Blechexpo 2017” metalworking trade fair on 07.11.2017.

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If you want to be sure about your planned production and asset investment, our TechCenter offers extensive tools, feasibility and proof of weldability in the run-up to an order.

  • Trials for forming and welding
  • Studies on process stability
  • Production of zero series
  • Cycle time viewing
  • Optimization of the components with regard to the joining process
  • C sample on standard tool and close-to-production equipment

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High-quality preliminary products for exhaust gas technology

When international automotive suppliers use production lines for manufacturing parts of the exhaust gas system, these are often tube production lines made in Müllheim. Cost pressure, quality requirements and flexible production conditions dictate developments within the automotive industry.

With the Ecostar 200/600, a highly flexible tube production line is leaving the main factory to produce tubes for catalytic converter housings in 10-second cycles ...

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Laser welding of containers and water tanks

For the production of containers, the laser welding process has particular advantages over the conventional MAG welding system:
For a start, butt welding saves the overlapping material that has to be used for MAG welding. In addition, butt welding of the container body makes further welding of the base/lid easier...

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Technique reduces weight and environmental impact

It’s known that laser welding can play a big part in weight reduction, as it is already widespread in body and chassis applications to allow engineers to reduce the mass of metal required in each welded joint.
They can utilize smaller overlaps and tabs for laser welding than that needed for spot welding. Plus, laser welding doesn’t require access ...

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Flexible laser cell: transport times no longer required thanks to concentration of work sequences

A gripper holding a component preformed in a press swivels into a clamping device, picks up a prepared cover sheet from the stack table and a laser beam joins the two parts. At the same time, a laser at the adjacent station cuts a series of metal sheet segments and a gripper places these segments one after the other in the previously welded component ...

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Turnkey solutions for the production of chimney and ventilation tubes

Forming and welding technology for the efficient production of high quality short tubes and tube components ...

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Combined for the first time:

Laser cutting and welding in one machine 
With the intention of radically reducing projecting expense, processing times and assembly effort, weil technology has developed a flexible laser cell which opens up new perspectives for component design ...

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Flexible Laser Cell / CutFusion

The method was developed to increase the quality and precision of the components to the highest possible level. The cutting and welding operations are ...

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Meet us at ...

LAF 2018

Nov. 28 - 29, 2018
Bremen, Germany

Blechexpo 2019

Nov 05 - 08, 2019
Stuttgart, Germany

Fabtech 2019

Nov 11 - 14, 2019
Hall D, Booth D46441
Chicago, USA