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Short changeover times through automation make it possible to product small and large batches

Continuous welding process

The continual tube feed makes an endless weldseam possible which prevents undesired effects at the start and end of the tube.

Interchange tools

Different tube diameters are produced by changing the roller and the clamping roller set

Compact dimensions

The Minimaster is a complete production center for short tubes in one machine


Highly productive tube manufacturing unit for short small diameter tubes

Compact unit
Minimaster is a complete short tube production center on a single platform.

A main feature of this production cell is to weld tube-to-tube, thus eliminating the undesirable effects at the seam start and end of the tube.

Batch manufacturing
Different tube diameters can be produced by changing the roll forming shaft and the clamping roll set. Short change-over times resulting from a high degree of automation allow production of small to large batches.

Efficient tube production center for short tubes with top quality weld seams due to tube-to-tube welding.

Perforated tubes
When operated with a laser, fully perforated tubes can be produced with high quality.