Laser welding systems: Modular Laser Cells (LWM) |
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Max. accuracy thanks to sturdy clamping devices

Modular concept

Simple clear processes
Combination of assembly, welding and inspection tasks 


Parallel processes guarantee a large output quantity


The breakdown of the individual processes permits custom adaptation of the detailed tasks

Laser welding system: Modular Laser Cells (LWM)

Modular production lines for assembly, welding and verification processes

Dividing the production process into individual steps allows for the use of standardised modules for work piece infeed and laser processing. Interlinking different modules using a work piece transport system allows parallel production in multiple modules to take place.

The production of complex subassemblies is possible because every module can be used and configured "individually". The clamping tools are light and can be quickly interchanged, which enables the flexible production of parts. The module system not only makes provision for using more than one optics per module, but also allows for picking up parts from automated processing stations.

Leak testing stations, laser labeling stations and pallet systems can be easily integrated into the modules using the work piece transport system.