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Most of our customers are looking for solutions that go beyond the standard. In our TechCenter, we love taking on new challenges and finding ways to fulfil even specialised requirements. In addition to experienced engineers, we have a laboratory and external partners available for special tasks.

To fulfil your needs, we first carefully consider your product and your production. Understanding is the foundation for the service our TechCenter provides.

At a glance: Your benefits from the TechCenter

  • Gain investment security
    See the results before you invest.
  • Save costs
    Optimize your production and save process and downtime costs.
  • Increase process reliability
    Identify and correct weak areas to minimize downtimes.
  • Optimize components
    Add momentum to your product development – by improving joining processes and clamping devices.
  • Optimize the use of process additives
    Wire can be inserted into the welding zone as a filler material in case of large gap tolerances or thick sheet metal, in order to prevent the seam from collapsing with larger gaps. An inert gas can also be used to prevent oxidation.
  • Design advising
    Build on the experience of our experts for intelligent system construction. 


Analysis and advising: Expertise on processes and feasibility

  • Studies of process stability
    Avoid production downtimes and system outages.
    We can find the weak points in your process and show you solutions.
  • Process consulting
    We calculate process costs and help you generate better productivity.
  • Designing clamping devices
    The right clamping device provides better flexibility and more extensive automation.
    We help you realise this potential.
  • Feasibility studies
    Does your component need to fulfil specific criteria?
    We find out whether and how your requirements can be fulfilled.

Practical testing: more security for your decision

  • Pipe welding trials
    We use comparable components to show you the results you can expect with our machines and systems.
  • Component testing
    We create clarity and security before you select a machine. To do so, we put key components (such as clamping devices) to the test.

Pre-production support: Clarity for series production

  • Prototype manufacturing
    A prototype in the shape of the future component can be created through 3D printing or sheet metal construction. This prototype then helps to clarify the structure of the component, select clamping equipment, and carry out all of the other process steps.
  • Pilot series production
    Before series production starts, everything has to be just right. We put our production process to the test for you by producing a pilot series under real-world conditions.

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Service contact

Service contact

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