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Process development and analysis of laser cutting and welding processes




In our TechCenter we have the possibility to carry out feasibility studies and process stability and to assist in the development and research through the production of sample parts or development series.

We offer

  • Tube welding trials
  • Preliminary tests to determine feasibility
  • Forming, joining, clamping, welding
  • Appraisals
  • Consideration of cycle time
  • Manufacture of prototypes
  • Pilot series
  • Planning and testing of clamping devices
  • Evaluation of process stability

Your benefits

  • Certainty about the planned production and machine investment
  • Proof of weldability
  • Concrete determination of process costs
  • Process additives
  • Support in design and process planning
  • Optimisation of individual parts with respect to the joining processes


  • Macro-grinding of welding seams
  • Geometry and visual inspection
  • Bend and dome tests on tubes
  • Cone tests
  • Further investigations with local partners