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Tube End Processing

Highly flexible and shape-reproducing tube end forming cell




Minimizes stock levels

The advantage of alternating production is an optimized logistics process which minimizes stock levels

Double system

Individual units can be designed as a machine which processes one end, or as a “double system” to be able to machine both tube ends simultaneously


Efficient automation between the machining stations or your longitudinal seam welding machine

Optional further machining


Tube End Processing

Best possible roundness, fit and form fidelity

The REB from weil technology is a flexible tube end forming cell and is mainly used in the HVAC industry.

Through program control, different diameters and tube lengths can be produced alternately.

Value creation as an implication of precise and reliable technology as well as the best-quality results possible.

The fully automated calibrating station guarantees excellent tube roundness together with the final operation, “post-rolling”.

Alternating production that goes easy on the material guarantees production tailored to requirements and thus minimizes your stockage levels

Tube End Processing - Catalogue

From the content:

The integration of tube end processing together with a longitudinal welding machine allows for fully automated processing from sheet to finished product.

The following tube end processing modules are available:

  • Expander (1- or 2-sided)
  • Beading machine (1- or 2-sided)
  • Unit to reduce tube Ø