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Laser welding systems are the prerequisite for efficient, optimized and productive sheet metal processing




Laser welding systems

Weil technology's laser welding systems can be configured on the basis of standardized modules, which allows for the development of component, customer and project-specific production systems. The primary advantage of the laser welding process is that the welding speed is up to 10x higher when compared to other welding processes. The result is strong and resistant welded joints, less heat input into the component and thus almost distortion-free workpieces.

The base frames of the laser welding systems are a solid, torsion-resistant, welded panel construction combined with hot-finished steel construction profiles. The welding station forms the heart of each laser welding system. It is a solid steel-welded and stress-free annealed construction upon which the axes for the laser welding optics are mounted. All laser welding systems are completely enclosed with walk-in protective cabins to prevent the escape of laser radiation.

The laser welding system is completely flexible and can be used in combination with all laser technologies (eg. fiber, disc, CO2, laser hybrid), so that the best possible beam quality can produce perfect weld seams. All laser welding systems are optimized with component-specific clamping technology, which allows flexible production as well as quick and safe retrofitting.

An optional extra is process data monitoring of the laser welding process for detecting and avoiding welding errors. Further data monitoring processes can be integrated upon request, while cooling and fume extraction are integral parts of each system.

Weil technology's laser welding systems can be divided broadly into three categories: tube production lineslaser welding modules and laser welding cells.

Laser welding systems: Short tube production systems

Laser welding systems for efficent production of high quality short tubes and special applications. Single and multi-station systems for the production of pipes with a pipe length up to 3.0 m, wall thicknesses up to max. 3 mm and diameter range from 30 to 1200 mm, tube production lines with round bending and welding processes, continuous tube welding machines for the production of high volumes and further processing equipment such as tube end forming, tube cutting machines, calibration and expander devices.

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Laser welding of (pressurised) containers and water tanks

Laser welding sytems for the production of two- and three-part containers. weil technology offers complete packages for the production of containers and uses semi- and fully automatic production in a continuous process chain, from the coil to the complete laser-welded product. These lines can be operated with production capacities of up to 1000 to 1600 parts per shift. Currently we can offer a container production with a pipe diameter of 120 to 600 mm, pipe lengths of 2000 mm (max.) and a sheet thickness of 2.5 mm.

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Flexible Laser Solutions: modular and flexible laser welding and cutting cells

Multi-axis laser welding cells with up to 5 axes for machining complex components in one clamping, multi-station turntable systems for laser-accurate welding requirements, modular production lines for simple, manageable assembly, welding and testing processes for the production of complex assemblies, laser cells for cutting and welding in one clamping with flexible tool and material flow concept.

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