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RMA - Series

NC-controlled 2-roller roll-forming cell for round, oval or polygonal contours




Geometry freedom

Round, oval and polygonal tubes can be shaped using this technology


New products can be set quickly by selecting a predefined shape from the library


The roll bending cell is available in different diameter variants

Tube roll bending unit

Top-quality roll bending results are achieved thanks to the 2-roller bending technology

Automatic NC-controlled 2-roll bending machines suitable for integration in an automated production line

The program-controlled 2-roll bending machines process is fully-automatic and guaranteesa high repeatability. All processparameters can be stored forlater use.

Modular configuration
The addition of a destacker andpush-out unit reduces manpower requirements.

Multiple production
Increase the output: depending on the blank size, multiple parts can be rolled at the same time.

Top results
Use of an upper roller with support enables high-quality production of small diameter tubes.

The ideal roll bending solution for all tube shapes: round, oval or polygonal.

Ideal for integration in a fully-automatic production line or as a stand alone unit.

RMA - NC-controlled 2-roller rollformer

RMA - NC-controlled 2-roll bending machine

Automatic NC-controlled 2-roll bending machine, suitable for integration in an automated production…

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