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Quality, reliability, repeat accuracy and strength...

Productive continuous welding process for high quantities

...are the outstanding properties of the Tubestar. And it is almost irrelevant which material you machine.

Whether in combination with roll-forming machines or the manual insertion of tubes pre-formed in other ways – there are no end of possibilities.

Different geometries can be produced by changing the guide rollers enclosing the tubes.

Hans Dieter Jung
Sales Director

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Very high repeat accuracy

A high repeat accuracy is achieved thanks to guide rollers enclosing the tubes in the welding area


Productive passage welding method

Welding the tubes using the passage method makes high productivity possible

Robust machine design

Thanks to the sturdy machine design, the machine is suitable for the production of high-strength structural components.

Quality tubes for spinning or IHU

The short tubes produced are suitable for further processing such as final forming processes, IHU or spinning