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Tube welding systems for short tubes, flue pipes and stove pipes

Our tube welding systems stand for excellent welding results and high productivity. This is true for producing short tubes in the automotive industry, as well as producing flue and stove pipes.

In addition, our customers particularly appreciate the good flexibility offered by our systems. The innovative belt system used in our Flexmaster pipe welding system allows users to quickly and easily adjust pipe diameter and pipe length. The LRSA 2-station system impresses by allowing users to alternate production of two pipe diameters at the same time.

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Tube welding systems – our portfolio


Welding system for short tube production

Highly flexible and universal (laser) welding work with the Flexmaster – for quantities from 1 to…


2-Station tube welding system for flue/stove pipes

2-station tube welding machine for producing chimney and stove pipes.


Continuous tube welding machine for large quantities

Precise Tubestar complete system for especially rigid structural components with included seam…