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Reliable workhouse for larger batch sizes

The advantage of precisely fitting tools coupled with a fast and uncomplicated tool change make the Twinmaster a faithful partner in series production.

With a completely free choice of welding source (laser, TIG, plasma), it can be optimally adapted to the requirements of the products to be manufactured. Roll-forming and welding sections are built up on a base frame. This ensures reliable passage through the machine with the risk of having to realign and calibrate both sections.

Boards are supplied from a cut-to-length line or from a double destacker; hole punching, marking of the boards, arrangement in a line or L-shape are no problem

Innovative solutions for ecological sustainability

Within the transition period from traditional technology to future solutions, global car manufactures are forced to do whatever they can to protect the environment. Cleaning of the exhaust gas is the key driver to achieve that by using sophisticated filters and high efficient catalytic convertors. weil technology has proven to be a reliable and innovative partner.

Machine for series production

With up to 700 tubes per hour

Downstream processes can be integrated

Seam planishing, seam heating, cooling in the cooling star, expanding tasks can all be realized easily with the Twinmaster

Very good roll-forming results

The twin-roller roll former reduces the frequently occurring redundant flat start and end segments to a minimum

Welding tool encloses the product

Static clamping provides reproducible welding results