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Flexible production of laser-welded short tubes with Ecostar

Thanks to a freely programmable and flexible roll-forming and clamping concept our Ecostar manufacturing cell does not require interchange tools! This means retooling times for product changeover are reduced to less than 1 minute.

This makes it possible for you to product laser-welded short tubes from batch sizes of just 1.

With Ecostar the short tubes can be made with cylindrical and oval cross-sections. Depending on your application and requirements, you can choose between the following welding methods: LASER, LASER + cold wire.

Thanks to the use of modern solid-state laser beam sources, our Ecostar offers you maximum productivity combined with low operating and maintenance costs.

Depending on your application and the downstream processes involved, you can equip your Ecostar with additional modules such as e.g. a seam annealing station, seam planishing unit or tube marking station. We configure the machine according to your requirements.

Reduce changeover times and remain flexible for the future with our Ecostar!

Reduction of your energy & maintenance costs

The use of modern and low-maintenance solid-state laser beam sources with a high degree of efficiency reduces energy and maintenance costs.

Maximum flexibility

The unique machine concept permits different diameters and geometry to be manufactured alternately. Up to max. 240 tubes per hour

No tool change

Thanks to the freely programmable roll-forming machine and the flexible clamping concept, economic production is possible from a batch size of just 1

Individual configuration

The basic machine is adapted to your requirements by additional modules.