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Service concepts

Service concepts

Service concepts to avoid production downtimes

Service Hotline

In addition to our regular business hours from Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm we offer extended support hours until 10 pm when you call our hotline number.

Calls are free of charge during regular businesshours. A service charge will be applied for calls to our hotline after regular business hour unless you have signed up for one of our service contracts. With the help of our highly trained service technicians you will receive support to solve your machine issue quick.

Machine issues do not always comply with regular business hours and production down times are not only inconvenient but also costly.Our service technicians understand very well the consequences of such production down times and are highlytrained to help you quickly solve your issues.


Remote access support via PC link allows us to diagnose and solve issues over a direct computer link between our office and your weil engineering machine.

With the remote access feature we can quickly respond and log into your system to diagnose the issue and help to solve any problem.Machine down times are kept at an absolute minimum and service visits often become unnecessary, so you save money twice.

Remote access support via PC link allows us to diagnose and solve issues over a direct computer link between our office and your weil engineering machine.

Support Training Courses

We offer comprehensive training programs customized for your particular needs and budget.

You can pick and choose from the following combinations; individually or as a complete package:- Operator and Set -up Training- Maintenance Training- Technology Training The training can take place at weil engineering (depending on machine availability) or at your facility.

Preventive Maintenance

The service contract covers the Our Full-Service-Contract offers following:

- Inspection of the machine to determine the actual condition.
- Systematic maintenance of all machines according to the maintenance schedule.
- Replace spare parts as needed:
- Determine the needed spare and wear parts in preparation for the next scheduled maintenance visit.   
- Final report

After our service engineer has completed the maintenance schedule, the machines will be available for your daily scheduled production.

Production support

We will assist you with your production and new product run-in (or machine moves).

Our highly trained service technicians will work very closely with you to assist in solving any production and quality issues.

Your benefit:

- Time reduction to the start phase
- Prevent costly machine down times and interruptions
- Maximum productivity
- Optimize product quality
- Reduction of scrap production

Spare parts

We get you your parts in the most quick and cost effective manner.

Our service team will also assist you with question regarding your spare part order and service invoices.

A variety of spare parts are kept in stock for immediate delivery. We will create a list for spare parts with longer lead times for your particular weil machine and keep them in stock to be available for immediate  shipping.