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Wolfgang Weil

Managing Director

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Alexander Heissler

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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Machines and systems for innovative forming, cutting and joining techniques have been designed and manufactured for the global market within Weil Technology since 1987.

Our turn-key and fully automated production lines are primarily found in the automotive sector and in the HVAC, housing and container construction and electrical industries. Each company within weil technology focuses on its core competency and together we are able to offer our clients a large pallet of customized system solutions.

Our focus is on flexible, rational and efficient production while making use of innovative roll-forming, stamping, laser welding and laser cutting technologies.

Weil Technology clients value the fact that our system concepts are efficient, reliable and consistently reproduce high quality parts.

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2018 30th anniversary
2018 Blechexpo Award 2018
2017 Flexible Laser Solutions, The group of modular and flexible laser cells for cutting and welding has been expanded to include the FLC. On this Flexible Laser Cell the procedure "CutFusion" - Laser cutting and welding in one clamping - can be used.
2016 Opening of the training center
2013 Introduction of weil technology brand name
2013 First production line for laser-welded cooling modules
2012 Foundation of a subsidiary in Shanghai, China: Weil Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
2010 Ecostar
2009 10th Flexistar machine sold!
2009 First laser-welded pressure tank
2009 SCHAAL engineering becomes part of weil engineering
2008 20th anniversary and 100th Trumpf laser integrates into weil engineering machines
2008 Construction Plant 2 with TechCenter
2008 First laser-welded exhaust gas heat exchanger incl. jacket
2008 Euroblech Innovation Award for Flexistar tube production center
2007 Flexistar, Design and manufacturing of Flexistar, the utmost compact and flexible tube production center.
2007 EGR throttle, First laser welded EGR throttle in sheet metal construction.
2007 First laser welded rear axle.
2006 Extension of the administration building
2006 Ecomaster, Design and manufacturing of Ecomaster, a compact and lean tube production center.
2006 LWC, Design and manufacturing of LWC 500, a universal multi-axis laser welding machine.
2006 Coniroller, Design and manufacturing of Coniroller, a compact production center for conical oval tubes.
2005 First production line for laser-welded exhaust covers
2005 Expansion of assembly halls
2005 Tubestar II, Design and manufacturing of Tubestar II, a continuous flow laser welding machine.
2004 Minimaster, Design and manufacturing of Minimaster, a compact production center for small tubes.
2003 15th anniversary and 50th Trumpf laser integrated into weil engineering machines
2002 4-station welding machine for fittings
2002 Euroblech Innovation Award for Tubestar tube welding machine
2001 Foundation of a subsidiary in USA: Weil Engineering North America LLC.
2001 4-station laser welding machine
2000 Twinmaster, Design and manufacturing of Twinmaster, the first combined rollforming and welding machine.
2000 First laser welded piston
1999 DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Certification
1999 Tubestar, Design and manufacturing of Tubestar, the first continuous flow laser welding machine.
1998 RSM, Design and manufacturing of RSM, the first laser cutting machine for chimney tubes.
1998 Laser welding machine for aluminum gasoline filters
1996 Welding system for Variomatic push-link carriers
1995 The first NC-controlled roll bending machine, Design and manufacturing of RMA, the first NC-controlled roll bending machine.
1994 LRSA 400, Design and manufacturing of LRSA450 (later: Flexmaster 400), the first laser welding machine with flexible tooling.
1993 First laser welding machine for dryer drums
1992 LRSA 250, Design and manufacturing of LRSA250, the first laser welding machine for chimney tubes.
1989 1st drum welder, Design and manufacturing of drum welders and associated automation equipment.
1988 Founded by Wolfgang Weil 1988 in Müllheim/Germany. Startup as a manufacturer of Quality Devices for the canmaking industry.