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We are a traditional, mid-sized machine construction company in Baden-Württemberg with an international focus, thanks to our additional locations in the USA and China. Working with our highly motivated employees, we develop and produce innovative moulding, cutting and joining technologies for the global market.

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As a technological leader in our industry, we set new standards based on our advanced business model, and promote a culture of innovation. To continuously develop new and innovative solutions for our customers, we give our employees creative flexibility within their area of responsibility and the freedom to generate new ideas. Working on a team and joint cooperation are important to us to achieve the high goals we have set for ourselves. We see teamwork and inter-departmental collaboration as key building blocks in our long-term success.

Flat hierarchies, short decision-making pathways and direct and personal contacts are how our family company lives out its values. These are reflected in our outstanding, collegial working environment, and support us every day in fulfilling the high requirements and expectations of our customers. In addition, our employees learn how to handle new and demanding challenges, allowing them to develop themselves both personally and professionally.

Our goal is to continue fulfilling our high-quality objectives in the long term, ensuring continuous and sustainable growth and ongoing expansion of our market position. This also allows us to offer security and stability to our employees. To achieve these goals, we are always looking for committed and curious employees interested in working on a team, identifying with our company, and taking on unconventional and challenging tasks with enjoyment and motivation.