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Mechatronics technician

Mechatronics technicians assemble complex systems and ensure they offer excellent quality and can be installed and commissioned at the desired location. For this profession, you will need both expertise in metalworking and in the areas of electronics and electrical engineering.

You will handle hydraulic, pneumatic and control technology, measurement and inspections, and programming machine and equipment controllers. You will also install electrical components and assemblies.

Electrical technician

for operating systems

Electrical technicians for operating systems install, maintain and repair electrical operating, production and process equipment, from switching and control systems to energy supply equipment and communication and lighting technology equipment.

Electrical technicians for operating systems work anywhere production and operating systems are used or maintained.

Your contact

Internship process

During your one-week internship with us, you will spend the first three days with apprentices in the training workshop. You will spend the last two days with our employees directly in assembly, and will collaborate on current projects.

At the end of your internship, you can complete our general apprentice test with an employee from the company. During your final interview, you will learn about your results and can tell us about your impressions and experiences during the internship

How to apply for an internship at Weil Technology:

Please send your application, preferably using our online application form, to Ms. Kim Alisa Becherer, and enclose all required documents in PDF format.

In addition to a cover letter and CV, we would like copies of your most recent grade statement and copies of any certificates for internships you have previously completed. Please do not forget to indicate in which area and during which time period you would like to complete your internship with us.

All other necessary information on your application is available here.


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