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Our apprenticeship centre is where we transmit skills, expertise and knowledge to our employees. It functions as a separate department within our company, established solely for the purposes of apprenticeship. Since it is in a different location from their everyday work environment, it allows our apprentices to learn without disruption, also offering the option of systematic, educational further apprenticeship.

Apprentices are supported by our two apprenticeship managers. They ensure that apprentices not only gain the abilities and skills stipulated in their apprenticeship curriculum, but also that they grow personally and professionally during their apprenticeship period. Their mission is to support apprentices and prepare them optimally for their final examination.

As a family company, we feel it is our duty to give young people the best start in their careers, allowing them to continue those careers with us at weil technology after their apprenticeship. 

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What we offer:

  • own apprenticeship centre
  • travel expenses, vacation and Christmas pay
  • flexible working hours (flex time)
  • family-focused work environment, flat hierarchies
  • guaranteed position after successfully completing training
  • followed by dual education program at the DHBW Lörrach
  • continued education as a master craftsman, technician, business administrator or management expert

Your apprenticeship at Weil Technology ...

... how does apprenticeship work?

You will complete your apprenticeship in a dual system within 3.5 years. This means you will consistently be moving back and forth between theoretical and practical training. You will attend the following vocational school for your theoretical training:

  • Mechatronics technician: Gewerbliche und Hauswirtschaftlich-Solzialpflegerische Schule (GHSE) in Emmendingen
  • Electrical technician for operating systems: Walter Rathenau Gewerbeschule in Freiburg

Your apprenticeship will include an extended final examination. This means you will complete the first part of your final examination in the middle of your second year of the apprenticeship. Part 1 of the exam will include a practical task, written work, and a technical interview. The second part of your final examination will be completed at the end of your apprenticeship. During this part 2 exam, you will have to solve a specific work task and complete a technical interview on the task. You will also complete written work on topics like work planning, functional analysis or economics and social studies. 

What is practical training like at weil technology?

You will spend the first year of your education alongside other apprentices at our apprenticeship centre. 8 months of this time will be spent completing your basic mechanical and electrical engineering training (turning, milling, drilling, wiring circuitry, soldering, taking measurements, etc.).

During your first year of the apprenticeship, you may switch for several months to your 1st speciality training program at our main plant. During this time, you will provide support on a customer project alongside an experienced employee. In your second year of the apprenticeship, you will switch back to the apprenticeship centre to complete your exam preparations for part 1 of the final examination. Our instructors will prepare you in both theoretical and practical areas during this time.

After you have completed part 1 of your final examination, you will spend a longer period on your 2nd speciality training program at our main plant. This means you will be working closely on customer projects. If a system is ready for delivery, you will accompany our experienced commissioners and electricians to our customers’ locations worldwide to install it. During this time, you will still return occasionally to the apprenticeship centre to gain further basic expertise (on areas like electropneumatics, PLC programming, project work, etc.).

You will return to the apprenticeship centre to spend the last few weeks of your training preparing for the 2nd part of your final examination. Your instructors will also provide both theoretical and practical preparation for part 2 of your final exam.

... because my future counts!

“Weil Technology has its own apprenticeship centre, where we apprentices receive support from two full-time instructors. Here, our biggest advantage is that we can learn a large amount separate from our everyday work. The opportunities and equipment offered by our apprenticeship centre continue to impress me.

I especially appreciate the collegial atmosphere, collaboration and team spirit among all the apprentices. No matter what year of the program is completing their practical work in the apprenticeship centre, we are a big team and support one another wherever we can.”

“It was important to us to find a company that is modern, innovative and friendly. We found all of those things at Weil Technology.

We were welcomed right from the start, and share a family atmosphere with one another. We are truly glad to have completed our apprenticeship in such an innovative, friendly and forward-thinking company, and glad we can now continue this apprenticeship through a dual education programme at DHBW in Lörrach.”