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For reasons of drinking water quality, hygienic requirements, weight reduction and quality, hot water tanks are made of enamelled steel or stainless steel. Stainless steel tanks have the advantage that they are particularly corrosion-resistant and therefore durable and do not require any further corrosion protection measures.
To participate in different markets with differing regulations, you therefore need an adaptable production solution.

Our machines and systems provide the flexibility you need, optimal production processes and high-quality work results in the production of stainless steel boilers. They do so based on two factors:

  • the use of laser welding
  • intelligent clamping technology

Thanks to the innovative use of these technologies, you can use our machines to manufacture a broad spectrum of boilers:

Advantages of laser welded boilers

Companies that use laser welding to produce stainless steel boilers benefit in several ways: In addition to high visual quality, the process ensures better profitability and numerous technical advantages.

At a glance: Advantages for better profitability

  • 3 to 5 times higher welding speed means more output in the same time.
  • Butt welds instead of overlapped connections help save material.
  • Lasers create significantly less weld spatter and, therefore, require less reworking.

Technical advantages

  • Butt welding does not prevent welded corrosion edges.
  • Less heat input during the welding process minimizes thermal distortion.
  • Laser welding reduces the risk of fusion defects.
  • Even welding creates uniform wall thicknesses and good tension distribution.
  • Butt welds simplify welded connections for bases/covers
  • Optimal conditions for coating tank interiors and outer shells

Laser welding machines and systems are our speciality. Our engineers would be happy to explain how the joining process can be optimally integrated into your production.


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Intelligent clamping technology saves time in boiler manufacturing

Our clamping technology also makes boiler production more profitable. It facilitates automated, accurate welding of the stainless steel cylinder through optimal joint pressing. This automation saves a significant amount of time in the production process.

The same applies to joining bases and covers. Both elements can be pressed and welded simultaneously to the base using our clamping technology. The laser welding device first creates a connection at individual points. Then the clamping system applies pressure while the optic welds a seam around both sides of the water heater.

You are welcome to contact our technical consultants to learn more about our clamping technology.


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Complete systems for boiler manufacturing

A consistent process chain, from coil to laser welded product is available with our complete systems for boiler production. With our semi- and fully automated process solutions, you can manufacture up to 600 boilers per hour with the following features: 

  • Pipe diameter: 120 mm to 600 mm
  • Pipe length: up to 2000 mm
  • Sheet metal thickness: up to 2 mm

Upon request, we can construct tank production lines for you with the following elements:

  • Coil and alignment station
  • Cut-to-length system for circuit boards
  • Transfer units
  • Round bending machine
  • Longitudinal welding machines (casings)
  • Welding attachments
  • Round seam welding machine
  • Leak testing station

Integration into the complete system depending on the degree of automation and the final product

  • Welding seams for attachments (threaded bushes)
  • Retaining brackets
  • Handling and conveyor units

Are you looking for a complete solution for boiler manufacturing? Set up a personal consultation with our experts to learn how we create consistent process chains: from coil to laser welded product.



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Optimal processes for your production

Based on process and material expertise, we use our services to optimise your production. After all, we are not just engineers, but also trainers, advisers and service professionals.


Benefit from process consulting and feasibility studies, among other services, and obtain security for your investment.

Smart Solutions

Take advantage of the opportunities of Industry 4.0 and transform your production facility into a smart factory.

Process solutions

You can expect modules or individual solutions that fit perfectly into your company and your production processes.

Machines and systems for water heater production

Finding a custom-tailored solution for your water heater production: That is our goal. To achieve this goal, we develop custom production lines for you or use proven standard modules from the following product categories:

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