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For 30 years we have been supplying tried-and-tested, innovative and flexible jointing and automation technologies for the forming and welding of tubes. A high degree of process stability and the high flexibility of our machine and line concepts make the solution of a wide range of customer-specific production tasks with high quality requirements possible.

We would like to take this opportunity to present our complete range for the fully automated production of chimney and ventilation tubes to you.

Automated short tube production

Our short tube production systems include the complete automated tube production with roll forming and longitudinal seam welding in a combined machine.

Automatic destacking and loading at the roll forming and welding station make manual intervention superfluous. Automation turns stand-alone machines (roll forming, welding) into efficient production centers.

All the machines are highly flexible.

The welding machines from weil technology are characterized by the ingenious clamping process which positions the tube perfectly in the welding position. When a flexible clamping unit is used, no mechanical retooling is necessary for a diameter change.

Flexible tube production covers a tube end processing center which can be connected directly automated to an existing longitudinal seam welding machine.

Laser tube cutting machines for thin-walled tubes with a large diameter and for shortening bar stock. These machines are ideal for cutting miters, rings, ellipses, rectangles and freely programmable contours.

Roll forming and welding stations for the production of 45°, 60°, 90° segment tube elbows, necking and collar welding systems for the production of tees as well as filling lines for insulated tubes round off the range of complete systems for perfect tube production.

Hans Dieter Jung
Sales Director

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  1. Coil reel
  2. Straightening unit
  3. Shears, laser cutting table (optional)
  4. Punching unit or laser cutting table (optional)
  5. Pallet changer (optional)
    A pallet changer offers you the possibility of working directly from the sheet stack. Your production is not interrupted during loading with a new sheet stack.
  6. Destacking systems
  7. Feed table and edge forming station (optional)
    To optimize roundness, an edge forming station is used for diameters < 200 mm.
  8. Roll forming (multiroller) with feed table
    Different tube diameters can be produced without mechanical retooling. High-tech roll-forming machine for the fully automatic and flexible production of tubes with diameters 60 – 600 mm and tube lengths of up to max. 2,200 mm.
  9. Laser longitudinal seam welding (Flexistar)
    Our innovative clamping concepts help you to produce tubes in a flexible and productive process without any tool changeovers.
  10. Inner / outer tube (Flexistar)
    As a compact tube production center in a system where multiroller and laser welding machine are combined, various machines manage changes in length or diameter without changeover parts being necessary. The roll-formed sheet is joined by radially movable clamping bars on the outside and continuously welded under a vertical laser optic.
    This unique property makes it possible to produce two different diameters alternately (e.g. inner tube – outer tube), as is required for insulated chimneys or multi-layered bellows.
  11. Tube end processing (REB)
    The transport system in gantry design loads and unloads the machining stations (tube feeding, expanding on both sides, beading on one side, tube removal) in the cycle of the longitudinal seam welding machine.  Production of a segment tube elbow from a short tube is inconceivable without a powerful laser tube cutting machine.
  12. Laser tube cutting machine (RSM)
    Our machine is ideal for the cutting of miters, rings, ellipses, rectangles and freely programmable contours in thin-walled tubes.
  13. Forming of tube segments
    The laser-cut tube segments are formed inside and out on both sides in preparation for the downstream laser welding process.
  14. Laser welding station for segment elbows and tees  (LSTS)
    The individual tube segments are welded into a segment bend by laser. Our solution guarantees 100% airtightness for your segment bends. The welding cell is also suitable for the laser welding of tees.
  15. Flaring machine and collar welding station (...)
    Single- and double-walled tees are produced in several steps in one machine:
    - laser cutting of the opening, flaring, collar positioning and laser welding
  16. Insulation with double-walled tubes (...)
    Double-walled chimney tubes, tee-pieces and segment tube bends are filled with insulating material and sealed.

Fully integrated marking stations within the production process guarantee product traceability. Markings such as serial number or data matrix code can be applied using laser markers, inkjet or dot matrix printers.

Process control
Identifying seam irregularities at an early stage and thus guaranteeing the quality of the joined parts has become part of our machines’ repertoire.

One-stop shopping
Our customers include global market leaders in the HVAC industry who value the worldwide service availability provided by three service stations (USA +  Germany + China) as well as an R&D department with a wide range of engineering options and corresponding resources.