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Pipes used in combustion engines are exposed to high loads. This is due to vibrations from the engine, as well as the thermal expansion of metal components. To dampen mechanical vibrations and compensate for changes in length, engineers use expansion joints. They absorb the load placed on pipes and prevent excessive material fatigue.The core of an expansion joint is the metal bellows.

Find out how we can support you in the production of expansion joints and metal bellows for better effectiveness and profitability in your production.

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Requirements for metal bellows in expansion joints

Metal bellows are ring-shaped metal cylinders. They act similar to a springdue to their wave-like form. They are consistently exposed to high loads in use, including pressure and temperature, vibration and tension, as well as both interior corrosion (flow) and exterior corrosion (weather). To withstand these loads, metal bellows have to fulfil high quality standards:

  • High elasticity while maintaining stability
  • Optimal proportion of installed length to function
  • Long-term corrosion resistance
  • Reliable resistance to distorsion

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Production of (multi-layered) metal bellows

When metal bellows are manufactured, bands are welded together via longitudinal seams to create thin-walled pipes, then shaped. We can advise our customers on their choice of multi-layered metal bellows depending on their later use in expansion joints. These bellows offer multiple advantages depending on their design: 

  • Lower costs: By using less expensive material in the exterior layers, you can significantly optimise material usage in your production.
  • More stability: For expansion joints exposed to high mechanical forces, the walls of metal bellows can be welded out of multiple layers of thin metal. This can increase the stability of the component without having a negative impact on flexibility.
  • Higher corrosion resistance: Especially in pipe systems that transport aggressive media, a highly corrosion-resistant layer inside the metal bellows can prevent premature damage.
  • Better seal: When transporting gases through a pipe system, multi-layered metal bellows are a more reliable option. Even if one of the layers is damaged, the layers that are intact prevent gas from escaping. This factor has a significant impact on safety, depending on how the expansion joint will be used.

Our automotive experts will be happy to support you and provide you with extensive advice on material usage, design and the production process for the manufacture of metal bellows.


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Machines and systems for the production of exhaust pipes

From forming to laser welding, our machines and systems can handle all of the process steps involved in manufacturing metal bellows for expansion joints. Further information on our modular and custom-tailored process solutions is available here:

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