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Strict exhaust emission and noise limit values and the automotive industry's price and weight requirements demand innovative, environmentally-friendly manufacturing concepts. With our production solutions and our 25 years of experience in exhaust technology, we can support you in optimising your production in line with these factors.

The use of sheet metal is key, as it offers clear advantages over cast metal in terms of weight and work required. Our machines and systems, some of which we develop in close collaboration with tier 1 suppliers, handle a broad spectrum of work steps in sheet metal finishing. In addition to proven forming technologies, we use innovative solutions for laser cutting and laser welding to help our customers manufacture a wide range of different exhaust gas system components for exhaust cleaning and sound design. These include, for instance:

  • Diesel particle filters
  • Systems for active sound design (acoustic flaps)
  • Mufflers and interior muffler pipes
  • Pipes, valves and flaps for intercooler systems (pneumatically and electrically controlled exhaust flaps, valves)
  • Catalytic converter casings (casing, interior pipe, multi-layer expansion pipes)
  • Assembly systems for NOx storage catalytic converter or oxidation catalytic converters in conjunction with a diesel particle filter (DPF)
  • Exhaust pipes and integrated tailpipes

In our in-house TechCenter, we can develop custom manufacturing concepts for you on request for exhaust gas system components, then test these in feasibility studies.

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Exhaust technology references

Your commitments to your customers are our commitments to you: Whether you are concerned with flexible quantities, strict cycle times or profitability criteria – our engineers do everything they can to adapt your new machine or system optimally to meet your needs. They are highly successful in doing so, and our exhaust technology pipe production systems are currently used by all global exhaust system manufacturers.
We set new standards in terms of automation and component quality.

Machines and equipment for exhaust system component production

Sheet metal exhaust system components not only offer higher quality than cast parts; manufacturing them is also more economical. To ensure you can utilise this potential, our engineers will identify the optimal process solution for your production and combine modules for the following sheet metal finishing work steps to create a perfect unit:

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