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Automotive: Production of exhaust system components for the automotive industry






With the automotive exhaust technology market rapidly growing over the course of past years all OE exhaust manufacturers look for reliable manufacturing solutions that will meet market’s output demands while maintaining the highest quality. Weil Technology’s forming and joining solutions allow to meet the high standards of the automotive sector while providing a reliable and profitable manufacturing process.

Requirements of the automotive industry on exhaust system components:

  • Long life span
  • Dimensionality and rigidity
  • High output production
  • High product quality
  • Low manufacturing costs

Production of the catalytic converter shells


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Production of exhaust system components by roll-forming and joining: the advantages

weil technology systems and machines provide the most efficient manufacturing processes, wide range of capabilities and bring numerous advantages to your workplace.

Automatic diameter adjustment

The innovative roll-forming process combined with user friendly control system allow for automatic diameter adjustment making the entire manufacturing process more time efficient and reliable.

High productivity

weil technology production machines allow for fully automated high-volume manufacturing due to precise integration of both roll-forming and welding operations in one system. The entire system is additionally supported by stack changers and double de-stackers to provide the most efficient production. While meeting your manufacturing demands Weil Technology production line also helps you reduce your operation costs.

Process optimization

All our systems and machines will be optimized to meet customer’s needs and production requirements. The user-friendly interface allows our customers to easily optimize their process without additional support.

No tool change required

The system is completely program controlled and uses flexible clamping concept which allows for a variable change in diameter without tool change. It guarantees the manufacturing process without cycle time losses and with short setup time.

High quality weld seam

Program controlled system allows to achieve a fast welding speed at the desired weld quality. Welding can be performed with different source type: MIG/MAG, TIG or laser (CO2 or solid state).

Material flow

To ensure the highest efficiency and provide cost saving manufacturing process the material flow is optimized to streamline the production from blank metal sheet to finished product.

Laser welding brings even more advantages!

When choosing the welding process, production managers and manufacturing engineers tend to choose laser welding systems. Compared to MIG/MAG welding, laser welding offers the following advantages for the exhaust system components:

  • Higher weld speed thus higher production output
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Higher weld seam quality
  • Significantly improved start and end of the weld seam.

Machinery and equipment for the production of catalytic converter shells

Our customers use machines and systems from Weil Technology to manufacture outer shells for catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters as well as mufflers and silencers. To do this, our production experts analyze your processes and find the best modular system or customized solution.

Weil Technology allows for manufacturing of the following exhaust system components:

  • Catalytic converters for passenger cars
  • Diesel particulate filters for heavy equipment vehicles
  • Catalytic converters for oxides of nitrogen
  • Selective catalytic reaction systems
  • Mufflers and silencers

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