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Higher-efficiency electric motors: In the global competition for the market of the future, this development target is a high priority for many major players in the automotive sector. The electrical sheets they use play a key role in determining whether they achieve this target. The thinner the individual layers of the laminated core are, the more effective the e-motor will be. The cut edges and blade clearance determine how effective the electrical drive will be.

Our laser cutting production solutions set new standards in this area:

  • Automated processing of thin electrical sheets
    Our machines and systems facilitate automated loading and unloading of electrical strips with a thickness of just 0.1 mm – a true first. In addition, our innovative cutting support and automated removal of the remaining grate material prevents the sheet from sagging.
  • High cutting quality
    Our laser cutting cells optimised for thin sheets and a granite base frame provide the best possible vibration damping and temperature stability. The result is very high quality, sharp laser cuts with a very narrow cutting gap.

Harald Liebhart
Head of development laser cutting

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    The high cut quality improves our machines’ and systems’ ability to use the magnetic properties of the electrical sheets. Compared to the competition, this gives us an edge in developing forward-thinking solutions for the mass market.

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    Fully-automated prototype production of rotors and stators

    Your development department needs an efficient, high-quality and flexible production solution to produce rotor and stator prototypes. The costly manufacture of punching tools for the production of small quantities of electrical sheets for prototypes is unsuitable, whereas our fully automated systems can flexibly meet these requirements.

    Flexibility through programming and material feed

    If you use digital development for your prototypes, you can produce at the push of a button. This eliminates the need to manufacture a complex die.

    The option of producing electric strips either from the coil or from the board, with a maximum size of one by two meters offers additional flexibility.


    Innovative technology for precise quality

    Our laser cutting cells provide the most precise contours possible and perfect cut edges, ensuring better efficiency for your electrical sheets.

    In addition, our patented clamping technology, clever automated features (for loading and unloading, removing the remaining grate material) and visual quality inspection (optional) guarantee the best work results.  

    Optimised processes for better profitability

    Our process-oriented solutions work in a highly efficient manner and facilitate fast, fully-automated prototype manufacturing. Our systems handle a large number of work steps in the rotor and stator production process.

    1. Material feed from the coil or the board
    2. Laser cutting of electrical sheets for rotor and stator in one work step
    3. Removal of all cut parts during the cutting process and removal of the remaining grate material
    4. Quality inspection of electrical sheets
    5. Stacking for packaging
    6. Automated packaging

    Do you want to learn more about how we combine these work steps to create an optimal overall process? Our process experts will be happy to help you.


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    Laser welding e-motor housings

    As the container for the rotor and stator, the housing of an e-motor must stand up to extremely high forces and guarantee smooth concentricity.

    Our round bending and laser welding systems prove their worth fully in manufacturing such cylinders.

    • Absolute concentricity
      Laser welding reduces weld spatter and ensures smooth seams and surfaces even without reworking. In addition, this joining process reduces heat input and distortion. In addition, our patented clamping technology and precise round bending machines ensure optimal round results.
    • Flexibility
      Produce housing cylinders for e-motors on demand. Our fully-automated production solutions help you implement your developments at the push of a button.
    • High precision
      The (partial) automation of work steps increases component precision and quality. This allows you to produce e-motor housings with dimensions that conform precisely to requirements.

    Machines and systems for producing e-motors

    Finding the right customised solution for you – that is our primary goal. That is why our portfolio also includes custom-tailored production solutions and modular machines that integrate seamlessly into your existing production process.

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