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Automotive: Manufacturing sheet metal assemblies for the automotive industry

The automotive sector is one of the most important markets for our customers, manufacturers of pipes or specialised vehicle components. To fulfil the high requirements of the automotive industry, suppliers work continuously to optimise their processes and products.

Our machines and equipment support your company in making such improvements. In addition, our experts offer a wide range of consulting and other services for you. These include process analyses, feasibility studies and prototyping. These serve as the basis for identifying potential areas to optimise your production and take on the central challenges of the industry:

  • Low weight
    Whether in traditional or E-vehicles – weight reduction is one of the automotive sector’s most important goals. Substituting sheet metal parts for cast parts can help significantly in achieving weight advantages.
  • High profitability
    Cost pressure within the automotive sector is enormous, while margins are low. In addition to innovative manufacturing processes (such as automated laser cutting, laser welding), improvements in processes and material usage provide key advantages.
  • High product quality
    Defects can easily have major impacts on a company's image and revenues in the automotive sector. Our systems, which are available in fully automated versions, ensure stable processes and consistent quality at a very high level.
  • Low material usage
    The inefficient use of materials not only increases component weight, but costs as well. We use process and feasibility studies to suggest optimisations and give you an advantage over the competition.
  • Reliability
    Just-in-sequence production at car manufacturers relies on flexible, reliable suppliers. We equip your production facility with these advantages and reduce downtimes.

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Automotive applications

The intelligent combination of forming technology and laser technology allows our solutions to be used for a broad spectrum of automotive applications:

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