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The advantageous use of laser welding systems in various industries

The advantageous use of laser welding systems in automotive


Laser welding of catalytic converter shells, exhaust flaps, metal bellows, silencers ...

Pressure tanks, fire extinguishers

Pressure tanks, fire extinguishers

Laser welding of 2- and 3-part pressure tanks, fire extinguishers, LPG-tanks

Household Appliances

Domestic appliances

Laser welding of dishwasher washing containers, drawer slides, washing drums, door handles

Hot water storages, boilers, vessels

Hot water storages and vessels

Laser welding of water heater storage, vessels, boilers

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning


Laser welding of tubes for ventilation, chimney pipes, stove pipes, T-pieces, ellbows

Other Topics

Other applications

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