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Prototype production of bipolar plates

Are you active in the field of fuel cells and e-fuel technology?

This topic is also a strong focal point for us. Why not benefit from our product knowledge with processing technologies in the disciplines of laser joining and cutting, for example, for the production of bipolar plates in series or for prototypes.

Laser welding of bipolar plates
The central element of a fuel cell are bipolar plates, usually made of thin-walled stainless steel or titanium sheets. They have a complex structure of flow channels and pipes for the transfer of liquids and gases, which result in special demands in terms of tightness, process time and reproducibility.
Your benefits with laser welding as a joining process:
·       100 % gas seal
·       contour accuracy of 0.05 mm
·       process-stable joining method for series production
·       lowest heat input for minimum distortion
·       maximum speed

For flexible cutting of the plates we offer laser cutting. By using laser technology, you avoid the use of high-maintenance tools and react flexibly to contour changes.
Your benefits with laser cutting:
·       contour accuracy
·       burr-free cutting and a homogeneous melt-off edge
·       cutting speed
·       high system dynamics and automation
·       qualifying  

Laser welding for the highest demands in series production
For our production solution, we rely on innovative laser scanner technology. With the patent-pending welding module, we achieve welding speeds of 1000mm/s with maximum process reliability, allowing you to realise a high output level in a compact installation space. The system is equipped with tool holders for interchangeable tools and offers you a high degree of flexibility.
Your benefits:
•        large usable working area of 500 mm x 350 mm
•        hHigh absolute welding speed of 1000 mm/s
•        welding of stainless steel and titanium
•        excellent integration potential into a line concept

Laser welding of prototypes
In our TechCenter, we manufacture your bipolar plates for you. In doing so, we weld on the technology of our series module. Optimal conditions for the validation of your series process.
Your benefits:
•        contour cutting of the individual plates by laser
•        laser welding of the bipolar plates
•        leak test via our technology partner*
•        design and manufacture of the clamping device

Your non-binding enquiry

In addition to laser cutting and laser welding, coating and final testing technology are important factors in the production of bipolar plates. In the GERMAN FUEL CELL COOPERATION, together with VON ARDENNE and ZELTWANGER, we offer you the knowledge and expertise of the three companies for every step in the process chain. This is how you get your fuel cell of the future.

Find out more in our current brochure:

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