The method was developed to increase the quality and precision of the components to the highest possible level. The cutting and welding operations are carried out without any intermediate storage in a forced position (jig).

Components can be supplied to the welding process or the clamping device through internal automation. Separate optics for welding and cutting create maximum precision and minimum process time. Non value-creating transport times are dispensed with by integrating working sequences. There is no buffering between working sequences either.

By combining both methods in one machine, expensive methods can be replaced by an economic and quality advantage for the client:

  • Reduces logistics effort and makes material flow easier
  • Product quality and component precision are improved
  • New design freedom puts clients a step ahead of the competition-

Fields of application

  • Media-carrying systems
  • Semi-finished product structures
  • Substitution of cast components
  • High-precision profile connection of tube and square

The flexible laser cell in action

Clamping device and component architecture are tuned to the client

Max. accuracy
Min. cycle times

Short throughput times and no more non-productive transport times

Substitution IHU & AHU
Innovative production method with half-shell technology

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