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For our customers, smooth production operations are a top priority.
Our Smart Solutions help minimise downtimes and save unnecessary costs.
They are based on three central building blocks of Industry 4.0 that provide better control of production systems and fast solutions in case of an emergency

At a glance: the advantages of our Smart Solutions

  • Control through key performance indicators
    Key production data are available through the data visualization at all times
  • Error analysis
    For quick reactions in case of an emergency and controlling measures taken
  • Service via data glasses
    Remote diagnostics via a live image, and transmission of documents into your employee's field of vision
  • Get started with Industry 4.0
    Prepare for the smart factory and connect higher-level systems via an OPC-UA interface
  • Save travel costs
    Get help easily via augmented reality instead of on site visits, eliminating travel
  • Less downtime
    No travel time = less waiting time = less downtime



Augmented Reality Service: Fast solutions via remote diagnostics

When a system stops working, you need to move fast. With our data glasses, you can receive help from system experts anywhere in the world – without any travel expenses. The glasses transmit everything you see to our service technician live. They also display information and documents in your field of vision, to provide you with the best possible on site support. This allows you to identify causes and solutions as quickly as possible and resume system operations.


Smart Control Visualisation: Real time data and error analysis

Always keep an eye on important key performance indicators such as machine productivity and quantities – with our data visualisation. It can be used with any device, and also offers an error analysis tool. The tool allows you to react directly in case of an emergency, then determine what measures need to be taken.


OPC-UA interface: ready for the Smart Factory of tomorrow

Industry 4.0 is revolutionising industrial production today more and more. Our OPC-UA interface facilitates communication and the exchange of data in the Smart Factory of the future, bringing industrial automation to a new level. Get your production process ready for the networked age, and gain a clear advantage over the competition.



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