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We are passionate machine manufacturers – but at the same time, we are also consultants, trainers and problem solvers.
As a reliable and service-oriented partner, we support you from our first sales contact through to commissioning your equipment or machine.

You benefit from diverse services to ensure smooth implementation and profitable operation in your production, all based on your individual needs.

We continue to stand by you after the project is successfully completed: Learn about our support services.

Our motto: We’re only satisfied once you are!


Analysis & consulting: solutions to fit your individual requirements

For us, sales means consulting. We always sell the solution to meet your individual needs. That's why every project begins with ...

... thorough discussion with the customer,

... a detailed analysis of the customer's production processes and

... dealing specifically with the component the customer wants to produce.

Only once our engineers have the detailed information they need do they collaborate closely with the customer to develop a viable concept that fulfils our commitment: to get the most out of your production process. In addition to technical expertise, creativity and the ability to think “out of the box” are key.

In view of these abilities, our consulting services include diverse and innovative stimuli that move our customers forward for long-term success. Here are just some examples of the goals we pursue with relevant recommendations:

  • Ensuring future security
    (e.g., through a high degree of automation by integrating an OPC UA interface)  
  • Ensuring the quality of the customer’s product
    (e.g. through leak testing or automatic weld seam inspection)
  • Facilitating tracking
    (e.g. through labelling or engraving parts)

In many cases, the result of this process are modular or customized solutions that deviate from the standard and take framework conditions and economic and production-specific criteria into consideration. These areas are our strength and they generate added value for our customers.

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Feasibility reviews and prototyping: more security for your investment

Before we implement a new system concept for you, we review it for feasibility and suitability in our in-house TechCenter.

These are some of the tasks we carry out for you to develop a concept, to optimize the overall process and components and to give you more security for your investment (excerpt):

  • Process stability and feasibility studies
  • Practical tests using comparable components
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Pilot series production

Do you want to learn more? Read about the services available from our TechCenter.

Start-up support: Support in overcoming transitions and bottlenecks

From experience, we know that the transitional period while implementing new systems frequently poses challenges. Whether these are deadline requirements or obligations to continue deliveries to target customers – we support you with the following services:

  • Production of pilot series for presentation to your customers
  • Manufacturing finished parts during the transitional period
  • Compensation for bottlenecks with our own machinery

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Assembly & commissioning: your on-site support begins in our production warehouse

We support our customers on site until commissioning is successfully completed and the production process is running safely and error-free. This process is based on the expertise our experts gain during initial operation of the system. Before your new machine leaves our production warehouse, our installation technicians become familiar with the new system and process down to the last detail.

Equipped with this knowledge, our employees handle assembly on site at your location, as well as integration into your production line.

Training: Sharing expertise with your employees

We want to ensure that our machines run smoothly on site at your company. That’s why our engineers are happy to share their knowledge from over 4,000 completed projects with your employees. They offer this service regularly, even beyond commissioning. This ensures your personnel always have the most up to date knowledge.

That knowledge is based partially on continuous ongoing training for our own employees. In our in-house training centre, we train both our installation technicians and service technicians, and educate young people in a wide range of professions.

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