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The requirements of our customers are just as diverse as their products. That’s why, instead of offering off-the-rack solutions, we provide modular and custom-tailored machines and equipment optimally adapted to your needs and conforming to the special requirements of your production. You and your company benefit from this focus in many different ways:

  • Greater process reliability
  • Higher profitability
  • Products that conform to your criteria (quality)

These benefits result from an exact analysis of your production processes by our well-trained engineers. Equipped with comprehensive knowledge from all areas of sheet metalworking, our engineers collaborate closely with you to find answers to the following questions:

  • What are the requirements for the component to be produced?
  • What level of quality must be achieved?
  • What is the required output?
  • How long is the production cycle?
  • What are special considerations on the production line?
  • What is the required availability level?

Only once we have this comprehensive basis of information can we begin to provide thorough consulting. The focus of this process is not to achieve some specific solution, but rather to obtain the best result at the optimal price. Our focus is always on economic efficiency.

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Modular solutions: optimal processes thanks to modular components

Our portfolio includes a wide range of process modules that can be combined in an intelligent fashion or implemented as stand-alone solutions. This allows us to fulfil even specialised requirements and handle a broad spectrum of work steps in sheet metalworking. These include, for instance:

  • Uncoiling, aligning, cutting, laser cutting, de-stacking boards (separation), feeding, forming edges, rolling, push-fitting, clamping, joining (laser welding)
  • Automatic clamping concepts
  • Joining: Laser, WIG, plasma and laser hybrid welding
  • Reworking: Seam smoothing, seam annealing, expanding, pipe end finishing, marking, leak testing
  • Component feeding and assembly, material flow concepts, part handling

Machines and systems


Modular machines from major partners

To find the best possible solution for you, we add modular machines to our portfolio from major partners like NOVATEC and Wecotech.In addition, our engineers use proven technologies from established suppliers – such as robotics technologies from KUKA or lasers from Trumpf and IPG.

Custom-tailored solutions: individual adjustments and exclusive modules

Frequently, customers come to us with challenges that deviate far from the standard. In such cases, we provide custom-tailored solutions to ensure they are satisfied. Our engineers use the following approaches, depending on the situation and on requirements:

Adapting standard modules

We assemble individual systems out of proven standard modules – for many of our customers, this has helped us achieve effective and inexpensive solutions.

Here are some examples of specific adaptations we have already carried out for our customers:

  • Working from a coil to increase potential batch size
  • De-stacking from a sheet for more flexibility in board sizes, quantities and quality
  • Forming sheet metal edges to avoid flat zones in multi-roller bending
  • Continuous welding systems for a high degree of automation
  • Portal solutions for optimal analysis and control over production processes
  • Robotics technology for clean processes and better reproducibility (pick and place)
  • Integration of downstream processes (such as annealing or smoothing)

Developing exclusive modules

Individual modules, developed exclusively for you – this is our solution to inquiries that deviate widely from the standard.

Our engineers are happy to take on new challenges and deliver viable concepts for you. Frequently, these have been proven to provide significant advantages to our customers over the competition.

We also combine our own components with specific purchased modules to create such custom-tailored solutions. The expertise of our Electrical Design department is key to this process. This allows us to optimally coordinate interfaces to work together, thereby ensuring stable processes – even for custom solutions.

"For our customers, we put together a robust process of technologically sophisticated modules."


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