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Weil Technology

... is a trademark of weil engineering gmbh, which combines market leading technology companies in sheet metal processing. The company has been developing and producing machines and equipment for innovative moulding, cutting and joining technologies for the global market since 1987.

Turnkey-ready and highly automated production systems are used primarily in the automotive industry, building and ventilation technology, housing and container construction and in the electronics industry.

As a family company with regional roots and a global focus, you will play a key role with our company and make a major contribution to corporate success. Working with us, you will be able to track the entire value creation process for a machine throughout the company.

Thanks to our consistent growth and expansion of our strong market position, we are always looking for curious, committed employees interested in teamwork, learning, and performance. We want our employees to identify with our company, enjoy taking on new and challenging tasks, and continue successfully supporting the company in the future.

Do you want to make a difference, take on responsibility, and develop your skills through your work?

Then we would look forward to receiving your application ... because your future counts!

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